Design Plans and Outcomes

Those that have been reading my blog for a while would know how much I love putting together design plans (aka mood boards). I thought I would summarize a few plans I’ve put together so far, and show you how faithful the outcomes were to them.

The Plan: Master Bedroom
The Outcome. Read more about this transformation here.
The Plan 1.0: Living Room
The Plan 2.0: Living Room
The Outcome…read more about this transformation here.
The Plan: Basement Bathroom
The Outcome…read more here.
The Plan 1.0: Home Office
The Plan 2.0: Home Office
The Outcome… read more here.
The Plan: Master Bathroom
The Outcome: we shall find out in April/May timeframe.
So, are you a big fan of the mood board exercise? Did your projects turn out mostly according to the plans?

Master Bath Shower Kit

We had to cancel our trip to cottage country today due to the weather, so once again our plan has been put on hold. I am starting to wonder if this is not meant to be…on second thought, I am sure I am just overthinking it. Hopefully the weather will be clear next weekend, and we can finally go to see those cottages.

I’ve been searching for a shower system in preparation for our upcoming master bathroom renovation. Most of the kits I like would cost me in the range of $2,000 (too much, I know!), and I wasn’t even looking for fancy features like “body jets” or “water tiles”. After lunch, we decided to give a few local bath stores a try. We stumbled upon a brand called Riobel, the same one Janice @ LB30 used for her master bath. I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable their shower faucet systems are. After 45 minutes, I walked out of the store with an order for this:

Riobel Thermostatic/Pressure Balance Shower Kit
I was totally sold on its look, all brass construction, and the thermostatic mixing valve 
The kit in the showroom
The kit in the showroom
So that’s one major item off my list, whew. Are you like me that always research to death to get the best deal/product?

Marina Dreams Continue

Is it only Tuesday today? The week started off so exhausting that I felt like I was run over by a train, twice. 

In the meanwhile, my search for a cottage continues. We’ve narrowed down to three, and this Saturday we are going to see them all. So far this is my second favorite, though most expensive one, after the one with huge ceiling-to-floor windows. It’s a 3-bedroom 2-bath bungalow located at the shore of scenic Lake Dalrymple, just under 2 hours drive from where we live.

And this is a bird’s-eye view of the cottage…isn’t the location sick?
The trip has definitely given me something to look forward to. Hopefully the excitement and the anticipation will get me through a tough working week.

Disqus Comment System

So I recently moved over to the popular Disqus Comment System. It has a lot of features that Blogger comment doesn’t have, such as Reply, Like, sign in using multiple IDs, etc.

However, I’ve also noticed its downside. Of late a few comments left on my blog were NOT published for public viewing. When I login, I could see the comments through the Blogger Dashboard, and I also received alerts in the email. However, I couldn’t see these comments from my blog’s public domain — that means other bloggers can’t see them either. Also, I noticed the site now takes much longer to load with the Disqus plug-in.

Now I am thinking of reverting to the default Blogger comment. Are you experiencing similar problem with comments not showing up? Slow performance?

DIY Art Ikea Hack

As I alluded yesterday that I have picked up painting again, and boy oh boy, my strokes are rustic. I guess it’s unlike riding a bike or swimming, painting is practice-makes-perfect type of skill.

Anyhow, I thought I would start something small and gradually warm up into it. I’ve always wanted to try incorporating painting frame into a minimalist impressionism painting, and what other better option than start with a solid wood wide frame like Ikea Malma Mirror. So I yanked out the mirror glued onto the frame, replaced it with a piece of 4’x4′ primed canvas, and secured it with a piece of cardboard and tape in the back, and I was all set.

It didn’t take me much time to finish the painting (it’s tiny after all), but to my surprise, I actually spent more time painting the “frame” than the canvas itself. 🙂 That’s largely due to that I couldn’t decide on the color shade I wanted the frame to be in contrast to the canvas, and whether I should use whitewashing technique. Anyhow, this is what it looks like, my first painting after hmm…a five-year break.

I haven’t figured out a spot for it yet, so for now it’s sitting on my living room’s sofa table.

So have you rekindled any old hobbies or pick up new ones lately?

Featured on Houzz

Today I received an email from Lydia, Professionals Support at Houzz that “my work was hand-picked by one of their writers for a featured Ideabook on the homepage of the site!”. How cool is that?

This is my living room photo reviewed by designers behind Design Chic. The article titled “Two Sides to Black and White Art” is about a mother-daughter design team that shares their preference in modern and traditional black-and-white arts. They each illustrated how versatile bw arts can be for the space you work into.  

You can read the rest of the article here.

Btw, I’ve picked up painting (on canvas) again, so hopefully I will have something rustic to show soon for my comeback.