Busy Weekend…

Our busy weekend started with another consultation appointment at the decor centre on Saturday morning. Our last consultant was transfered to their condo decor unit, and a new rep took over this past Thursday. It turned out that she’s much more helpful and straight to the point. The following cabinet unit is being built as a sample at the decor centre, and is exactly the same as the stain and the style we chose. That helps us visualize the cabinet panel we picked in a room.

We were asked to provide specifications and dimensions of our new appliances for the builder to custom build slide-in range opening, microwave and oven shelf. We need to have them by early October for our final decor centre appointment. So after the meeting we decided to go to the Lowe’s to check what our options are, and we were pleasantly surprised by how close Lowe’s and a big shopping mall under construction are — it only took us 2 minutes from our new house site! Similar home renovation stores (e.g. Home Depot), major retailers and grocery stores are about 5-8 minutes drive from our current house, and we thought that was convenient!

On our way to our lunch party, we drove by our new house site again, and this time we noticed our road sign (Coral Acres is our street) is up! It looks like our builder is finally ready to break the ground in October.


"The One" by the Unionville Toogood Pond

Thankfully there hasn’t been any news from our builder about our new house or upgrades since early June, so we have been able to enjoy a mind-free summer. We made a couple of out-of-town trips, and went to places that we didn’t have time to visit often inside GTA. We went back to Unionville as I was desparately looking for inspirations for my paintings. While we were not impressed by the galleries there, we were again stunned by the picturesque scenes. As we strolled along the Toogood Pond, Anthony so fell for the community that he wanted to buy a house there. Just to give you an idea of what the area looks like…here is a picture with a house currently listed for sale for $1.9M, with the front entrance facing the Pond. So we are going to sit on the idea, wait until our new house is built, decide whether or not we are going to sell it, and buy “The One” on Carlton Road.