I am ready…

To take the plunge into our basement renovation! After interviewing a couple of contractors, we’ve decided mid November is a good time to start finishing our basement. I like the idea of wrapping a timeframe around a project, and have all the people work towards a deadline. In this case, timeline is a no-brainer — Christmas! Who doesn’t like to get things done before Christmas and call it a wonderful year?!

The most exciting part of the basement renovation for me ought to be the bathroom. See, I wasn’t just talking the talk…I actually drew up a design board again (love this exercise). And yes, I did just order the Hutton vanity from Restoration Hardware.

And after consulting with the Feng & Shui, and thanks to the honest feedback from Shannon at 8Foot6, I’ve decided to go with straight walls around the utility room. Toilet is also relocated as supposedly it’s bad Fengshui to have it directly face the door. So here you have it, our final basement design plan that’s Fengshui-blessed and also signed off by our contractor. Three more weeks to go before the project starts…can’t wait!


Lookie What I Scored Today — Cane Chairs

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I spotted these cane chairs on KJ after dinner, and knew I had to have them…tonight! It was rainy and cold outside, and Anthony knows how much I hate rain (yes, I would prefer snow to rain, any day!), so he figured I must really love them.

Why? Check out what Janice did with hers and you will know why. A hour and a half later, these babies are now sitting in my house. After I fix them up, they will be my library chairs in the basement. They are in mint condition as is, and even the seat cushions are new (but what’ with the green corduroy…erhh).

 This is what they could look like with a spray paint job and new upholstery:

 Or this


Or this


Or even this? 

The fabric + paint options are unlimited and I am always so thrilled to have scored such a versatile yet super comfy piece of furniture (or two).


To Pouf or Not To Pouf

First thing first, don’t forget to enter to win the fabulous Mahogany Pedestal Table Free Giveaway sponsored by Anne-Quinn Furniture.

Of late some decor accents from the 70’s glam design era have caught my attention: faux bamboo, geometric patterns, gold-leaf bombe chest, tufted velvet chairs, etcetera, etcetera. I was instantaneously hooked when I saw the use of a Moroccan Pouf in these pictures.


Source unknown
As you could see, this little fellow is so versatile that it can be worked into so many different decor styles: elegant/glam, French Provincial/causal, and even contemporary!
This is a close-up look of this Moroccan Pouf in Silver Leather. It comes in many other colors as well. I’ve already had a few too many ottomans in my house, but I really want one of these. Would you add a Pouf to your living room? Bedroom? Is it too casual to be in a formal living room? Which color would you pick?


Basement Design Plan 2.0

I’ve incorporated thoughtful comments from Shannon and Daniel into this V2.0. Changes I’ve made are:

  1. Enlarge the bathroom to 8′ x 10′;
  2. Inside the bathroom add a featured tiled area — is it an overkill in a basement bath? I really want to venture it. I am thinking of plain Carrara tiles with chevron mosaic featured area. 
  3. Diagonal wall around furnace to eliminate awkward corners (thanks Daniel!).
  4. Add an open wine rack and bring forward the cold room door (thanks Daniel!).
  5. Add built-in shelf and cabinets along the living room wall as pictured.

So what do you all think?

Don’t forget to leave your comment and enter to win the fabulous Mahogany Pedestal Table Free Giveaway!

Finishing the Basement

After much deliberation, we’ve decided to finish our basement first before we renovate our master bath. As much as I am dying to have an elegant master retreat like Janice’s, the practical thing for us to do is to reclaim the massive living space downstairs — our basement is frigging 1,500 sq ft in size.

Here is a quick design plan I threw together. What do you think? Anything you’d change to maximize the liveable space? Bigger bathroom maybe? We are interviewing a few contractors so I will post some good (and professional) ones when I have them.

And if you know me, you will guess the next thing I am going to do after I finalize the structural plan is to compile a mood board (love this exercise, it’s like my fantasy world). I will post updates as I have them.

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Free Mahogany Pedestal Table Giveaway

This is not the first time I mentioned about Anne-Quinn Furniture on my blog. For those that are new to this site, Anne-Quinn (AQ hereafter) is a family-owned Toronto-based company offering custom built, quality solid mahogany/teak furniture at very affordable price. In fact when I first worked with AQ back in early 2009, the then Christine’s Custom Furniture, it was hard to believe I could get such substantial pieces of solid mahogany furniture for what I paid!

Christine and Brian, the young couple/entrepreneurs behind the AQ Furniture, are offering this exclusive Thank-you Giveaway to my blog readers because you are awesome.

This giveaway features a Pedestal Side or Foyer Table made of Solid Mahogany valued at $250! The table is 24” in diameter, and 26” in height. If you win, you are getting exactly the table featured in the pictures below.


Here are the simple steps to enter the draw: 

  • Visit Anne-Quinn’s web site at www.anne-quinn.com, and come back to my blog to leave a comment on: 
    • What is your favourite piece of furniture from the web site and why?
    • What other ideas you have for custom-built furniture (e.g. your initials embossed on a chair back, slots for adults’ book and kids’ books built right into a nightstand, etc.).   
  • And that’s it! Told you it’s simple! 🙂 

I would really like to gather at least 20 comments in return for AQ’s generous offer, so please spread your word and let’s bump up the comment count. Random draw will take place on Friday October 21st, and the winner will be announced on my blog the same day.

Unfortunately due to the size of this giveaway, we have to limit the entries from GTA/Ontario. But if you live outside of GTA and could pick up the table in person, please throw your name in the hat as well. Brian from Anne-Quinn will contact the winner to arrange for the pickup or delivery of this fabulous pedestal table. 

Good luck everyone!