Disqus Comment System

So I recently moved over to the popular Disqus Comment System. It has a lot of features that Blogger comment doesn’t have, such as Reply, Like, sign in using multiple IDs, etc.

However, I’ve also noticed its downside. Of late a few comments left on my blog were NOT published for public viewing. When I login, I could see the comments through the Blogger Dashboard, and I also received alerts in the email. However, I couldn’t see these comments from my blog’s public domain — that means other bloggers can’t see them either. Also, I noticed the site now takes much longer to load with the Disqus plug-in.

Now I am thinking of reverting to the default Blogger comment. Are you experiencing similar problem with comments not showing up? Slow performance?


4 thoughts on “Disqus Comment System

  1. I like Disqus a lot better than the Blogger system because the comments are threaded so it's more like a conversation. I haven't had any issues with comments not loading though. I've also didn't notice if the switch to Disqus caused my blog to load slower… maybe it did and I'm just not observant…

  2. I prefer Disqus. I've heard that blogger now allows responding to comments but I tend to have lots of problems commenting on blogs that still use blogger comments.The comments I get through blogger and not through Disqus seem to come from iPads I think. I have a few ppl who never seem to get the disqus comments. I'm not sure why but I assumed it was because they were on their ipad/iphones.It might load a bit slower but not much IMO.

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