New Additions To Our Family

Hoot hoot…we took these adorable owl statues home from Lowes today. The cutest thing about these owls is that no matter which angle we look at them, even from our master bedroom window on the second floor, they appear they are looking right back at us. That puts a smile on my face all the time.
Hurry if you are still looking for outdoor decoration because most retailers have clearance sale now. You snooze, you lose…well, I guess you can wait until next year. 
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Front Yard

Other than adding carriage hardware to our garage doors, we are pretty much done with our front porch landscaping. A dash of rain last night and plenty of sunshine invite our Sharon of Rose Hibiscus bushes to blossom vigorously. The blue stain flowers steal my breath away.

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It’s Raining, and Surprise on Monday!

Yes, finally! Tomorrow I am hoping to wake up to a greener lawn and more Blue Sharon of Rose blossoms. That’s right, check out these Hibiscus we planted a few weeks ago. Aren’t these blue flowers gorgeous? Pardon the picture quality as it’s taken from my BB.

Have a great weekend everyone, and check back in for some surprise on my blog on Monday! 🙂


Our backyard hardscaping was completed just in time for my lovely cousin’s visit last week. So far we were able to host one BBQ party due to the extreme heat — I surely feel for those back ribs on the grill I tell ya.
First thing first, here’s a quick recap of what my backyard looked like a few weeks ago — where did all the darn rain go now?
And this is what it looks like (yes, I know our lawn looks depressing):
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  • Unilock Brussels Block Sandstone pavers and Limestone border;
  • Unilock Brussels Block Sandstone and Limestone retaining wall;
  • Lowe’s Garden Treasure 8′ x 8′ Gazebo;
  • Suncast 7′ x 7′ Resin Storage Building/Shed;
  • Ikea Tarno Folding Table;
  • Canadian Tire Hudson Patio Set.

Front Yard Sneak Peek

The landscaping project is still underway, but thankfully the big mess has now moved to the backyard. Tomorrow we are adding some flagstones into the grass and large decorative rocks. Here is a sneak peek of our front yard as of today. We have Neon Blue Spruce as the focal point, then two Blue Satin Rose of Sharon Hibiscus bushes on each side to flank the Spruce, then Blue Rug Juniper as ground cover. Do you guys have any idea how breathtakingly stunning Blue Rose of Sharon looks when it blossoms? I saw some pictures online and can’t wait to see it in person. It should be any day now.

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Who would know an outdoor project could be so stressful and exhausting? Control freak you might call me, but if I want the project to turn out exactly (well almost) the way I designed, I’d better keep a close eye on the daily progress. There will always be deviation and you just can’t rely on your contractor to guess your mind, right?

Enough excitement for a day. Another busy week awaits next week, so we’d better get some much needed rest this weekend and recharge our energy. More landscaping pictures to follow.

Shopping Spree at Lowes Today…

Today is the last day of Lowes’ 20% off all flowering shrubs and 10% off resin storage sheds, and since I’ve been all over the map these days I barely caught the last train. After series of client meetings I rushed home at around 4pm, slipped in my jeans, hoodie and sneakers and off I went to Lowe’s.

So here are what I picked up today:

4 x Gold Mound Spireas for the front yard that look like this: (love the chartreuse foliage)

 Which I hope in a few months they will grow to be like this:
And I got this 7 1/2″ x 5″ Suncast Resin Shed for a steal of $760 after 10% off! Well it comes in a long big box with millions of pieces inside, so it’d be interesting to see how quickly we could assemble it.

It’s only 6pm and I am seriously contemplating of going back to Lowe’s and picking up more flowering shrubs. However, all the plants I bought over the past few weeks have been sitting in our backyard, to such a degree that I started to feel a bit embarrassed.

Oh wait, did I tell you that our hardscaping started yesterday only to come to a complete halt again today due to rain? It doesn’t look like anything could be done until after Sunday. What a timing huh?