Bed and Bath

The furnishing and decorating our newly-finished basement is nowhere near complete. But for now I will share some pictures of the WIP bathroom and bedroom.

First up is the additional guest bedroom we added in the basement. We retired our old bed down there, and replaced with an upholstered one (more to come on the bed soon). The Imperial Trellis-alike bedding set was a score from a local HomeSense.

Remember the massive 4-door closet I bragged about before? Well here it is. I might be able to fit my entire wardrobe in there!

Now comes the exciting part — a new bathroom we also added in our basement. I realized how difficult it was to photograph an almost-all-white bathroom with a lot of reflective surfaces.

Things took an interesting turn one day after I ordered the Hutton vanity from Restoration Hardware. I found a wannabe from a local bath store for almost 50% less. It was only natural for a deal-hunter like me to cancel the RS order and picked up the cheaper one instead. I still prefer RS’ design, but quality wise they are almost identical.

Things I splurged on are:

  • Floor tiles and accent: Bianco Carrara;
  • Marble vanity countertop;
  • Frameless floor-to-ceiling glass panels and door for the shower stall;
  • Labour to give the bathroom a more custom look.

Things I thrifted on are:

  • Vanity: well it’s still not cheap;
  • Bathroom hardware: they are from Rona.

So that’s the skinny about our new bedroom and bathroom in the basement. More pictures and updates to come soon.


Master Bedroom

…is so far the most neglected room, design wise of course, in our house. I took a short break from our basement project and started to put together elements contributing to my dream master bedroom.

The first up is drapery. I ordered 12 yards of this ever-popular (and darn expensive) Windsor Smith Pelagos fabric in Mist from the States.

Overwhelmed by the excitement when it arrived, I started to cut them into panels at 108″ in length each. It’s not until I got to the last piece before I realized that oops, I only had about 80″ left for the last panel, and that’s not going to work. I phoned the fabric store and after one week of back-and-forth phone calls, they finally admitted it’s their oversight and that they would ship out another 3 yards as long as I covered the shipping. If I thought that was a struggle I needed to think again — it was only the beginning of a bigger nuisance. 

The fabric was shipped by a courier with the company sounding like “OOPS”. The courier somehow misplaced the correct invoice so when they showed up at my doorstep they wanted almost $100 in broker & duty before they would release the package. It was supposed to be FREE and there shouldn’t be any duty or broker fee involved since I paid for the shipping in full. I had to reject the package, and of course it was sent back to their depot for re-rate. One month later, yes folks, ONE FRIGGING MONTH later I finally received my last 3-yard of fabric! This courier company appears to be such a big well greased machine yet it couldn’t handle any non-standard hiccup like this efficiently.

Anyhow, back to the positive thoughts. The drapes have been made and I will share some pictures later. As usual, I can’t design a room without a mood board, so here you have it, my master bedroom design plan. 

Source (clockwise):
  • Maria Theresa Crystal Chandelier – new purchase;
  • Barcelona dressing table and bench – new purchase;
  • Antique scroll mirror and bow-front dresser – own;
  • Custom made upholstered bed – new purchase (existing bed is going to the basement bedroom);
  • Elite Custom Furniture bedside tables – own;
  • Crate & Barrel Vaughan chairs – own;
  • Trellis rug – own;
  • Bench custom upholstered in Bowlin Driftwood fabric – own;
  • Windsor Smith Pelagos drapery in mist – new purchase;
  • Paint: Valspar Polar Star.

I will post some Before & After pictures when I am done. Hope y’all have a great weekend.

Valbonne Bedroom Chair

At age 24 when I bought my first condo I stuffed it with contemporary and modern furniture. Though I had always been into decorating under my Mom’s influence, chairs with boxy and clean outlines and dining table with tempered glass top were all that I liked. The next six years was a big blur as so many life-changing events happened such as finishing my MBA, getting married (while doing my part-time MBA and working full-time), changing career, moving twice, and paying off mortgage, etc. I rarely thought of moving furniture around or re-painting any walls at home during those years. And then when the dreadful and big “30” hit, I all of sudden realized “hey, it’s time to live!”. That’s when we bought this new house from a builder, and that’s when I realized it’s now the French Provincial + Hollywood Elegant style that catches my eyes. This is what I’d like to call an “evolution” of my style preference, though Anthony would argue that I just “changed my mind (again)”.

In early to mid twenties I would pay over $2,000 for a Le Corbusier style dining table just because it looked so darn good in the showroom. Right now I wouldn’t commit to any furniture without surfing on the web for a few days and visiting a handful of favorite stores to compare prices. I am a proud deal hunter and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Take this Valbonne Chair for example, I paid $20 for the frame, sanded and painted it with a fresh coat of “antique white”, and then had it re-upholstered for $95. The fabric originally came in red polka dots with fuchsia hot pink background. Not to make the chair look more juvenile than it already is, I used the flipped side of the fabric in solid fuchsia color. The fabric only cost me $3! So in total, a highly customized chair in my favorite color cost me $118…not bad for my first fixer-upper, eh? I haven’t figured out where it will go in the house yet, but hey, it will be there when I finally get to it. 🙂

Valbonne Chair in Fuchsia Fabric