Marina Dreams Continue

Is it only Tuesday today? The week started off so exhausting that I felt like I was run over by a train, twice. 

In the meanwhile, my search for a cottage continues. We’ve narrowed down to three, and this Saturday we are going to see them all. So far this is my second favorite, though most expensive one, after the one with huge ceiling-to-floor windows. It’s a 3-bedroom 2-bath bungalow located at the shore of scenic Lake Dalrymple, just under 2 hours drive from where we live.

And this is a bird’s-eye view of the cottage…isn’t the location sick?
The trip has definitely given me something to look forward to. Hopefully the excitement and the anticipation will get me through a tough working week.


Marina Dreams

Really, Michelle? In the middle of this year’s yo-yo winter weather? Yes, indeed. Call me a dreamer, but I’ve been thinking of cottage, and to be more specific, buying one. Am I out of the ballpark to look for a cottage to buy now?

Anyhow, location wise, we would like it to be at most 2 hours drive from where we live, so that narrows down to: Lake Simcoe Kempenfelt Bay and Lake Scugog Kawartha Lakes areas. I kept reminding myself that this shouldn’t be an impulsive purchase. Nor should it be a mental escape for the moment. Instead, like all other properties we hold, it should first be a good investment, and for this particular one, also a great year-round getaway spot.

Just a glimpse of these pictures (from an actual cottage that I am interested in) will send me back to my marina dreams. Don’t you just love those giant ceiling-to-floor windows, and the lake view from the dining room?

Dock outside of the backyard
Now I just need to figure out how to drag ourselves up north to actually see a few of them. Grrr! After all, not everything can be purchased over the web, right?
So what do you think of a cottage in those two areas (pretty wide range, I know)? Is it risky to buy a cottage now mostly based on their “summer” pictures since everything around the house is likely covered in snow?