Schumacher Pillow

Remember the super fab Schumacher Hothouse Flowers fabric I will use as our master bathroom roman shades? Well, since I ordered a lot more than needed, I couldn’t resist the temptation to have part of it made into a body pillow for our master bedroom. This is my favourite fabric in my house right now. 

 And this is the master bedroom without flash. The flash version is available here.


French Wing Chair Makeover

First of all, don’t forget to enter to win my 2012 first giveaway of a Pair of Designer Trellis Pillow Cushion Covers.

Remember the vintage French Wing Chair I picked up a while ago? After tossing around many different fabric options, I finally decided to go with a cream velvet. Still, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

Before I revealed the makeover, let’s take a quick re-cap of how dated it looked before my rescue.

I think it turned out pretty awesome, do you? I especially like the fact that not only did I up-cycled a vintage chair, I also only paid a fraction of what a brand-new one would cost.

I Am Back, and Makeovers

First of all, happy new year everyone! As you may have noticed, I’ve been extremely quiet over the past two weeks. In addition to hosting a Christmas Eve dinner party (whew, ain’t I glad that’s over! Stressful it was!), hubs and I vacayed in San Francisco and Bay Area for a week. I’ve been since catching up reading your lovely blogs, as well as putting my head back into planning a few small decor projects.

Before the holidays, in my haste to post the basement pictures, I never got around to post some before-and-after pictures of a couple of makeovers. Anyhow, here they are.

The first up are the cane chairs I scored from KJ.

IN PROGRESS (spray painted with computer fabric mock-up)

The second in line are these sad-looking rattan chairs. I remember seeing identical ones from Circa Who, so I couldn’t pass such a rather easy yet high-impact up-cycle opportunity.

AFTER (added a seat base and cushion)

My next re-upholstery adventure is the French Wing Chair. After much consideration, I’ve decided to give velvet a try so I picked up 6 meters of this cream velvet fabric. Would it turn out just as I imagined? I guess we shall see. 

And that’s it for today. Hope you all have a pleasant working week ahead.

Master Bedroom

…is so far the most neglected room, design wise of course, in our house. I took a short break from our basement project and started to put together elements contributing to my dream master bedroom.

The first up is drapery. I ordered 12 yards of this ever-popular (and darn expensive) Windsor Smith Pelagos fabric in Mist from the States.

Overwhelmed by the excitement when it arrived, I started to cut them into panels at 108″ in length each. It’s not until I got to the last piece before I realized that oops, I only had about 80″ left for the last panel, and that’s not going to work. I phoned the fabric store and after one week of back-and-forth phone calls, they finally admitted it’s their oversight and that they would ship out another 3 yards as long as I covered the shipping. If I thought that was a struggle I needed to think again — it was only the beginning of a bigger nuisance. 

The fabric was shipped by a courier with the company sounding like “OOPS”. The courier somehow misplaced the correct invoice so when they showed up at my doorstep they wanted almost $100 in broker & duty before they would release the package. It was supposed to be FREE and there shouldn’t be any duty or broker fee involved since I paid for the shipping in full. I had to reject the package, and of course it was sent back to their depot for re-rate. One month later, yes folks, ONE FRIGGING MONTH later I finally received my last 3-yard of fabric! This courier company appears to be such a big well greased machine yet it couldn’t handle any non-standard hiccup like this efficiently.

Anyhow, back to the positive thoughts. The drapes have been made and I will share some pictures later. As usual, I can’t design a room without a mood board, so here you have it, my master bedroom design plan. 

Source (clockwise):
  • Maria Theresa Crystal Chandelier – new purchase;
  • Barcelona dressing table and bench – new purchase;
  • Antique scroll mirror and bow-front dresser – own;
  • Custom made upholstered bed – new purchase (existing bed is going to the basement bedroom);
  • Elite Custom Furniture bedside tables – own;
  • Crate & Barrel Vaughan chairs – own;
  • Trellis rug – own;
  • Bench custom upholstered in Bowlin Driftwood fabric – own;
  • Windsor Smith Pelagos drapery in mist – new purchase;
  • Paint: Valspar Polar Star.

I will post some Before & After pictures when I am done. Hope y’all have a great weekend.

Home Office Progress

The drapery fabric I ordered from Tonic Living turned out great: placed the order on a Saturday and the package showed up on Tuesday. Janine at Tonic Living rocks!
Well, the picture says it all: other than the drapes, everything else is a big mess. The room has been in Light French Grey, and though we used a very low VOC Para paint, the smell still assaults my sinuses. More updates to come shortly.

Home Office Project Update

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am finally posting something “done” instead of putting up another fancy design board to show my “to-do”.

So I ordered this Ikat Dot Grey in 100% Cotton Twill from Tonic Living as drapery fabric. This is a very inexpensive yet high impact piece for the home office — since I’ve chickened out of a bold-color wall, I will need to add some patterns to the room to avoid the yawn.

And in addition to “something blue” typically as part of my theme, I’ve also taken up a “something borrowed” this time. Inspired by Lindsay from Aubrey+Lindsay’s Little House Blog, I took an Ikea Rast dresser from this:

to this:  
Click on the image to enlarge

I am pretty happy with the outcome considering this is my first-ever Ikea hack. Thank you Lindsay for the idea!

My old bookcases will be gone this weekend so we can finally paint the walls. Tons of new furniture still needs to be ordered, delivered and put together. Fingers crossed that everything will go as planned in the next few weeks.

I hate to finish my post with bad news but I was deeply saddened by Jack Layton’s passing. He was Canada’s greatest fighter for small guys and yet he lost his own against cancer. There is no other charismatic political leader in sight in the near future, and for that, Canada should mourn. RIP…Jack Layton.

Color Me Happy – Blue

Maybe it’s summer, maybe it’s age. Lately I’ve become very sensitive to colors, and how they seem to immediately change my mood. I plan to run a series of “Color Me Happy” to highlight a few color families that are eye pleasing.
First and foremost is one of my favorite colors – blue. How many shades of blue can you name?
(click on the image to enlarge)

1. Purple blue bouquet; 2. Tiffany Blue close to Robin’s Egg; 3. House Beautiful Blue cover in Cerulean Blue; 4. Need I say this is Turquoise Beach? 5. The Royal Blue Sapphire Ring; 6. Grey Blue/Azure Chinoiserie Wallpaper by de Gournay; 7. Sophie Cook’s Aqua Pod Vase; 8. de Gournay’s wallpaper again and Domino book’s cover in Beryl Blue; 9. Vintage Blossom in Dove Blue.